Blackman Park Scout Hall Update

AJA has been working closely with the Lane Cove Council and 1st Lane Cove Scouts to create the Blackman Park Scout and Amenities Hall. Combining a range of functions, for Scouts, Sports Field amenities and community uses, all naturally ventilated, under one big roof. Now that the Stage 1 works for the new playing surfaces at the Blackman Park sports and recreation field is complete and in use, work has begun on Stage 2 in ground services for the new Blackman Park Recreation Facility. AJA are finalising construction details for the above ground facility with lock up programed for March 2015.

We are particularly excited by the ‘all under one big roof’ idea and to achieve this we are using a repetitive steel portal frame on a concrete slab and curving a deep profiled roof sheet across. To realise the tectonic design for the flexible, mixed use community building we will be using Fielders freespan structural cladding system, Aramax. No roof purlins or girts, with a fast turnaround allowing external walls and internal trades to begin within days after first sheet installed.Post_04 Post_01 Post_02 Post_03

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