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Catalysts for urban change

A major challenge for our planning system and culture is balancing optimistic perspectives with realistic expectations. While large developments and associated infrastructure may have the hype that tends to dominate the headlines, they so often lack intimacy and potential for a finer grain that the community is looking for. It is so often the smaller […]

SCC Parkes Village opening

Opening day for the AJA designed Southern Cross Care Village in Parkes was a well-attended event, and both new residents and local visitors enjoyed the festivities as well as tours of the facility. Very positive feedback was received, and some of the compliments are captured in the local Parkes Phoenix – and comments from an […]

A Believable ‘Liveable Sydney’ vs Sustainable Melbourne

A BELIEVABLE ‘LIVEABLE SYDNEY’ vs SUSTAINABLE MELBOURNE by Jon Johannsen       Posted 16.11.17   http://www.sydneyforum.org.au/article-liveable-sydney-by-jon-johannsen-161117.html   Liveability has been a recent catch cry for media attention in the urban domain, and with so much analysis in the ‘most liveable city stakes’, perhaps it is timely to look at what constitutes urban and suburban quality of […]

31-33 Bank Street, Mcmahons Point ‘Landmark Home Like No Other’

After enjoying almost 20 years in this magnificent McMahons Point residence, our clients have it on the market. This promotional video is testimony to a design process that included excellent clients, a well-developed brief, great builder and a high quality consultant team. Bringing together two adjacent sandstone houses, AJA incorporated elements of the original fabric […]

A Believable ‘Liveable Sydney’

Liveability has become the latest catch cry for media attention in the urban domain, and so following my analysis last month of criteria that can affect unit quality, it is timely to look at what constitutes suburban quality.   This photo is indicative of what many would consider a highly desirable aspect in the liveability stakes, and captures […]

Unit sweet (or not-so-sweet) unit

Units, units everywhere – but are they fit to live in? With so many residential developments around Sydney today you would think potential buyers are spoilt for choice – but think again! On various design review panels for local councils, including some recently ‘amalgamated’ ones, I and several colleagues get to see the latest and frequently […]

Don’t mention the traffic!

In A Plan for Growing Sydney produced by the recently established Greater Sydney Commission (http://www.greatersydneycommission.nsw.gov.au/ ), Lane Cove falls into the North Region for which part of its vision (p.124) is – …to be an attractive place to live, work and visit with a thriving economy….Increases in the supply of housing and jobs will be […]

A Cultural Shift in Urban Perspective

Sydney’s concerns with urban density, congestion and environmental issues were brought into perspective on my recent visit to Japan, where the concepts of living in both city and regional areas take on new levels of meaning. From the natural wonderland of Nagano Prefecture (for a skiing indulgence in Hakuba and side trip to visit a […]

Silver Days, Golden Years – or the Big Sleep?

After reading ‘The Big Sleep’ article in The Age (15/1/16) about the suicide pact of Melbourne scientists Pat and Peter Shaw, and then about David Bowie’s hugely creative and energetic last 18 months in The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/jan/15/david-bowies-last-days-an-18-month-burst-of-creativity?CMP=twt_gu), I was puzzled. I wondered how many of us in our retiring years might be caught in the […]